Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Character GUI in PySide

This is a project I'm working on for a short film at Stripped Thread Studios.
This isn't even it's final form.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Python History in your Script editor!

Stumbled upon this on the pyMel installation support page. 
Steps on how to install this below!

1. You'll need to navigate to the tools\scriptEditor directory for PyMel
    [Maya Install Directory]\Python\Lib\site-packages\pymel\tools\scriptEditor
    For Debian based Linux distros, you may need to substitute 'site-packages' for 'dist-packages'

2. Copy the into your plugins folder
    ([Maya Install Directory]/bin/plug-ins) or direct maya to this folder in the plug-in manager.

3. Copy the scriptEditorPanel.mel into your Maya scripts folder.

4. Enable the plug-in from the plug-in manager, and click on Convert Mel to Python (as seen in the picture above)

If you have any issues with it, feel free to contact me!


Edit: For some reason, once I enabled the plug-in... look what happened to my script editor!

It autocompletes, reads out classes, even autocompletes objects that exist in the scene!
Pretty cool accidental discovery!

Maya 2013 on Ubuntu!

Got Maya 2013 running on Ubuntu last week!
It's running smooth and faaaaaast!
I've never seen dynamics evaluate so quickly, but maybe I'm imagining things...
Also, Maya takes less than 10 seconds to entirely load.

Also, here's a video I made last month. Just automating more of my process!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Modular Scripting

Here's a video of what I did last month.
I also fully rigged this guy, and hope to be able to show him off soon!
Thanks for watching!

Credits to Kyle Havrilesko for the model,
and Anamanaguchi for the song!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Painting Blend Shape Weights

Today I learned that there is an option to paint blendshape weights!



Next, I learned that it hates you.



 But then I found a way around it! 



 We're pretty good friends now.

I hope this was helpful to other people having the same issue!

credits to Kyle Havrilesko for the model "Phil" from "The Janitors"

-Alex Roberts